Coaching with Sue


At the heart of coaching is …
an unconditional positive respect for you
a space and time held open and safe for you to process things
active and reflective listening
help to explore, identify and clarify attainable goals
discovering lots of options to move forward towards achieving them
tackling any hindrances to doing so
creative exercises and interventions
hope, humour and support
appropriate challenge to think differently

Coaching is a relatively new profession which has grown out of different traditions including sports psychology, business and organisational management, and, to be fair, various ‘self-help’ theories and literature. Today coaching is becoming more clearly defined, regulated and accredited, with coaches encouraged to undertake specific training, while academic research evidence is also being gathered to inform best practice and development of the coaching process. And one of the most important recent trends in coaching has been an increased overlap with psychology, in particular in the study of wellbeing.

SUE MITCHELL is committed to best practice in the field, so is both trained and accredited as a personal and organisational coach, and is a full member of the professional body, the Association for Coaching. Experienced as a change consultant with individuals, families, and with charitable organisations, health and educational communities for many years, she is qualified in various approaches to coaching and personal development, including cognitive behavioural coaching and solution focussed therapy. She is currently pursuing further postgraduate academic research for an MSc in Applied Positive Psychology.

Sue is therefore able to draw on a very wide range of skills and training to offer different types of coaching in an adaptable approach suitable to your goals and needs, and your best development.

Sue MitchellSue Mitchell

Qualified and experienced in different coaching approaches, Sue is professionally trained and accredited to facilitate your personal development, performance, health and well-being, relational and life skills. She is happy to discuss how she may best help you, face to face at her home office in North Lancashire, or by phone or skype.

B.A. Hons., PGCE,
RD1st Relational Dynamics/PCT Accredited Coach
MSc studies in Applied Positive Psychology
Member of Association for Coaching

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Types of coaching may focus on different contexts, though all share the same qualities highlighted above. Click on the titles below to learn more.

These descriptions are for your interest only – you do not need to know which coaching approach will suit you best; you’ll work that out with Sue. You do need to know that it is about you reflecting on how things are for you right now, and how you want them to be. It’s about what kind of person you feel you are now, and what you want to become; how you can perform optimally at work or home, and show up in relationships.

Life Coaching

This is simply about helping you reflect fully and creatively on any aspect of you and your life, and identify options for any changes you want to make. For example, you may have decisions you want to clarify and/or finalise, some choices or commitments you want to prioritise, certain types of behaviour you wish to change, or relationships you may want to re-negotiate. You may have a very positive life change you are about to make and will find reflective listening can give you greater clarity and confidence about all its possibilities. Or you may not necessarily be clear about what it is you want to process, but you sense something is not quite as flowing or as flourishing as you would like about the way things are for you right now and would benefit from safe space and exploration of what might benefit from change. You will be surprised by how easily things become clear with an objective listening ear and gentle, expert reflection back to you of your own thoughts and feelings.

“I found this so brilliant as I began to understand the importance of being quiet and able to listen to myself…”

… at the heart of coaching is … active and reflective listening ….

Health and Well-being Coaching

Psychological research shows that the process of self-reflection, identifying goals and moving towards them is deeply foundational to feeling well and flourishing, so the reflective coaching space is ultimately all about well-being! It is therefore particularly helpful for anyone facing difficulties managing life’s transitions, the points at which we often do not reflect clearly enough about the changes happening to and in us, nor re-focus specifically on new goals, directions and/or personal resources necessitated by the changes. It can also really help those struggling with mild anxiety, depression, or with a lack of confidence, as the coach’s positive attitude towards you will facilitate you to set achievable goals, and identify practical and positive steps to reach them, which will, in turn, stimulate the emotional feedback and sense of self-regulation which grounds confidence and well-being.

“I would recommend coaching as … getting to find one’s way through any given life situation, to understand and to come to terms with it; to be able to recognise and comprehend one’s own part in it, and the process involved.”

… at the heart of coaching is … clarifying reachable goals … tackling hindrances to reaching them … discovering … exploring all of your options …

Executive or Performance Coaching

The workplace today, or the home where so much is demanded of us, the roles we are asked to play, the relationships, the systems and power dynamics we experience, all place a huge toll on our ability to set good boundaries, act and react from our own sense of value and meaning, or to negotiate necessary compromises and their impact. Who is ‘my true self’ and how might he/she show up and function under these pressures? What about my life/work balance? How can I discover enough emotional energy for family and personal development as well? Performance coaching is particularly targeted at how to be an authentic, meaningful and confident person in often difficult and demanding roles, jobs or tasks in which you are involved; it offers the opportunity for broad and creative reflection about how best it can be achieved, both for you, and those engaged with you in the many demands you face.

“I think coaching helps in finding yourself, definitely, and reminding you of the person you are”.

At the heart of coaching is … unconditional respect … appropriate challenge to think differently … safe space and time to process ….

Cognitive Behaviour Coaching

Cognitive Behaviour therapy is a specific and popular psychological therapy which helps people regulate unhelpful behaviour and or emotional reactions by identifying the particular beliefs (or unconscious thinking) that undergird them. To do so, it begins with the dysfunctional behaviour or emotion. A coaching approach is a solution focussed approach, so looks at primarily identifying the emotional and practical behaviours you would prefer to demonstrate and how they might be achieved. Within this more positive frame, it may also expose the dysfunctional beliefs in play and draw on CBT practice where necessary, but deliberately emphasises the different and chosen future behaviour to aim towards.

“Sue’s insights, understanding of the patterns of behaviours and her guidance and intelligence and overall comprehension of my situation was most helpful.”

At the heart of coaching is … discovering … exploring all of your options …. Tackling hindrances to achieving your goals … appropriate challenge to think differently

Solution Focussed Coaching

SFC is a somewhat unusual, but quite fun and empirically proven approach to changing unwanted behaviour! It consists of identifying and only talking about what happens in you, around you, and what others experience when a person, however rarely, and however falteringly, does not demonstrate the dysfunction! It is at the extreme end of the positive approach which coaching embraces, but can achieve amazing results. It is sometimes quite a stretch to spend an hour identifying and enjoying only the occasions and effect of functional behaviour, but is refreshingly relaxed, hopeful, often quite hilarious, and sometimes radically effective!

“After our first session I felt excited about the possibility of embarking on a path that might bring opportunities for creativity and happiness.”

At the heart of coaching is … hope, humour and support … exploring all of your options …


Please be in touch either using the email contact form below, to which Sue will reply by phone, or phone directly.

Our first phone conversation will discuss your goals in seeking coaching, when, where and how to meet, what it costs and any other questions you have.

We will make an appointment, if you feel comfortable, for a first session which will last an hour.

The comments of other clients (see Testimonials below) are quoted to assure you that the process itself works very effectively, and that Sue is very good at how she facilitates it!

“I’ve definitely come to the right place; you get me!”

At the heart of coaching is facilitated, therapeutic learning. It’s about the client’s personal growth through positive, reflective interaction, which identifies strengths, clarifies goals and multiplies options. It’s about becoming the best you.

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I feel calmer from reflection, and more often than not invigorated and challenged with ideas and questions that require further thought.

The best thing for me is Sue. She is very kind and listens carefully; she points me in the right direction.

Client satsifaction
How at ease did you feel on your first visit? 4.5star
How free did you feel to guide the conversation? 4.5star
How well did you feel you had been listened to? 5star
How clear were any goals set? 5star
How useful did you find any exercises/resources/books suggested? 4.5star
How supported did you feel? 5star
How challenged? 4.5star
How did you find the value for money? 5star

I was uneasy about first coming to see Sue. However she was calm, welcoming and patient. After our first session I felt excited about the possibility of embarking on a path that might bring opportunities for creativity and happiness.

I found the structure of goal setting most helpful; it challenged my outlook.

The feeling of setting objectives, no matter how small, is brilliant.

It gives me focus and direction.

I felt supported.

I have felt listened to and almost all of the time understood.